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Welcome! I am the owner of Backlash Beauty Bar in beautiful Penticton, BC. I am so fortunate to say I was born and raised here! I am surrounded by close family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I remember when I was in high school and my dream was to become a make-up artist in a big city - living the dream in a fast-paced society. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! Things took a turn in grade 12 when I got pregnant with my daughter, Halla. At 17 years old, I got the news I was going to be a mom! It was surreal and scary, and in a literal heartbeat, all my plans had changed. I ended up graduating two months before she was born - phew. I was working at a local grocery store when I got the news that I was pregnant; I started working my butt off to be able to take a full year maternity leave with my little one. I did it! Only four days before she was born, I made it. Some time into my maternity leave, I couldn’t help but think back to what my life would have looked like if I had gone to the city and pursued my dreams; I had always taken pride in taking the time to do my hair, my nails, my make-up, and knew that the beauty industry was my passion and life calling.

In 2013, after my maternity leave was almost coming to an end, I took the leap and enrolled in The Okanagan Cosmetology Institute. There, I finished my Esthetics Program November of 2014. Once I finished my schooling, I started working at a day spa here in Penticton and while employed there, I took many courses to advance in my education. I completed a couple of courses with Jane Iredale University, in Kelowna, for make-up in January of 2015. I also did body treatment training at Sparkling Hills with La Biosthetique - a high-quality beauty line from Paris. I also completed my Classic Lash training out in Vancouver with Micensil Lash Academy in May of 2016. I couldn’t stop and I was on a roll, so I did spa training with Circadia - an Advanced Professional Medical Skincare Line along with massage training from a local massage therapist. As I said, this is my passion.

After years of working as an Esthetician and being grateful for all that I had learned leading up to that point, I knew it was time to move on and follow that passion. I focused all my time on eyelash extensions and became booked weeks in advanced at a local lash and brow bar. I offered lash extensions, lash lifts, and tinting. I was also able to do training through another brow/lash technician to master the art of facial threading! That was very exciting as I got to learn so many new techniques that just benefited my education even more! I got very interested in natural types of hair removal, working my way towards taking my Professional Alexandria Body Sugaring course. I’m proud to say I completed the course in April, 2017 for my qualified body practitioner course, as well as my perfect bikini practitioner course August of 2017.

My journey to get to where I am today has been quite the ride. I took the leap at the end of 2019 to open my own business. It has been an absolute dream come true and I could not be happier.

With over six years experience in the beauty industry, my work never feels like a job. It’s a passion, and one I never take for granted. My goal is to not only give the best service, but to connect with each person, by giving the ultimate beauty experience to all my clients. I provide superior hair removal services, as well as brow and lash services, in a caring, comfortable, positive, clean, professional environment. I use a perfected gentle hand flicking hair removal technique, ensuring comfort and satisfaction, every time. I can assure you that my clients’ brows will never be too dark or too thin, as I work with the brow bone and focus all my attention on building that brow shape to be its ultimate fully framed brow every time. I take special care when colour matching with my client’s skin tone and hair colour. I provide tips and tricks to better that shape if I feel that clients need some help filling in naturally. Last, but not least, my lashes. I can promise you that my focus is on your lash health; in my consultations I talk about all the dos and don’ts to make sure we both strive to continuously maintain a full and healthy lash line when applying extensions, or lifting your natural lashes with perming solutions.

The industry is ever evolving and it is very important as a professional to evolve with it. I have taken many courses and I will be going back to school – and even travelling to take more courses – because that is what it means to be passionate and professional. Ultimately, my training and education is not about me – it’s about you. If I am the best that I can be, you will feel valued, you will feel empowered, and you will know that you are beautiful being you. If I can be a part of that journey and help you to accomplish your dreams, then I have lived my dream, and found purpose as a professional. We are all on this journey together and if you have not stopped by, I hope you will consider popping in and taking that first step.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to meeting you!


Briana Vennard,
Backlash Beauty Bar
Owner / Beauty Expert
Proudly Penticton, BC

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